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We service 22 states across the country. Trust the best. Trust Amley!

We specialize in getting Non-hazmat, dry goods products across the Southeast.

If you’ve been shipping your products across the southeast for any time, you’ve probably experienced some not so good trucking companies.

Look no further!

You can be sure that when you entrust us with your goods, you are making a good decision and they will be delivered safe and sound and on-time.  

We know that there are many companies and options for our Clients and our Employees, but what sets us apart, is our relentless pursuit of doing things right.  This means we are fair and honest.  We believe in treating others as we want to be treated.  And we believe in a job well done!

What we haul

Over the years we have hauled just about everything you can put into a 53’ dry trailer.  Our current client base consists of companies in many industries including; building products, clothing and apparel, books and magazines; appliance manufacturers; automotive; and textiles.

The bottom line is that happy drivers, are safer and more productive.  We want you to enjoy your job, we want you to be well paid, and we want you to have a good quality of life.  We are in constant pursuit of experienced drivers who want to be an integral part of our team.

What to expect from us

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Safety and our service

One of the tools that we feel makes the biggest impact to safety and service, is our Driver Communication Policy.  This policy goes far beyond a message about their next load on the QualComm.

We are in constant communication with our drivers daily. We maintain a close relationship with them so they know that we are here for them and they have our full support.

Using our experience and technology in our office we are able to plan and schedule loads in a way that sets our drivers up for success. Which in turn, means good service for you!

While we can’t count on vehicles around us to do the right thing, we have full confidence in our drivers and our system.  Our trucks are equipped with Qualcomm units.  Qualcomm is the industry leader in electronic logging devices and GPS tracking.  Using this technology helps to ensure our service excellence. And if there is a unavoidable delay, or an accident, that will affect the timeliness of your shipment, you will be notified ahead of time.

We understand the importance of your shipments and how delays in our obligations to pick up and deliver on-time can have a negative impact on your business’ success.  Because of this, we monitor the progress of your shipments and make necessary adjustments and give proper notifications to ensure we provide the best service possible.

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